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Icon Name Level Power Cost Description
Combo Attack 1 Strike one or more targets in front of you, and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage,up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.
Evasive Roll 1 70 Instantly dodges enemy's attack by jumping over toward your front.
Rain of Blows 2 Advances forward, executing rapid consecutive attacks to target.
ShockwaveScream.png Stunning Roar 6 Roars out, causing nearby targets within 6m stunned with a certain rate.
Soaring Attack 12 Attacks the target while standing u p. You can only use this skill when you are knocked down.
Smash 16 Jumps to the target and smashes down with a weapon. Damage to knocked down target increases by 5 times after learning Smash Intensified.
Smash Intensified 16 Damage increased by 5 times when smash skill is used against target knocked down.
Dual Sword Dance 20 Consecutively attacks surroundings broadly, greatly awarding aggro level.
DodgeAttack.png Elusive Strike 24 Evades attacks and blows a surprise attack. You become invincible while evading.
DeadlyPoisonStrike.png Venomous Blow 28 Attacks with a poisoned weapon. Attacked target becomes poisoned, continuously losing HP by __ each 2 secs over 10 secs.
WillOfSteel.png Will of Iron 30 Defense stat increases by 10% when the skill is active. MP decreases by 2 every 2 secs while the skill is active, the skill cannot be used with Will of Menace I.
Snap Joint 34 Snaps target's joint, decreasing movement speed by 50% with a certain rate. MP continuously decreases by 1 each 2 secs while the skill is active. The effect becomes available only at the last hit of combo attacks.
Will of Menace 36 Aggro level for all attack skills increases by 20% when the skill is active. MP continuously decreases by 2 every 2 secs while the skill is active, the skill cannot be used with Will of Iron I.
Tornado.png Tornado Tornado is a chain skill that can be used after an evasive skill. It causes damage in a large 360 degree area around the warrior.


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