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Dynamic and fluid fighters who wield their blades in harmony

The warriors rely on their guile and lightning fast speed in combat. Because of their grace and agility, they can wield a weapon in each hand to attack or defend in perfect coordination. Though their weapons are light-weight, warriors strike continuously with speed and precision.


Dynamic, fluid fighters who wield dual blades

Warriors rely on lightning-fast speed in combat. They wield a weapon in each hand, attacking in perfect coordination. A warrior's relatively light weapons and armor emphasize precise timing and pinpoint accuracy over brute force. Allies trust warriors to hold the enemies attention.

Mechanics and Skills

Warriors wield two swords, one in each hand which with they display daring swordplay on the battlefields while running very quickly. Warriors are highly dependent on their speed and quick judgment with which they attract their opponent's attention and confuse them in order to strike them.

Even though the swords that warriors carry are very light and deal little damage the they are still a force to be reckoned with. Warriors have the ability to attack continuously because of their impressive agility.


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