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Masters of the secret truths and mysterious forces of the world.

The sorcerers dedicate their lives to research and discovering ways to harness the mysterious forces of the world. They are able to call forth powerful spells using mystical disks to deal damage to their enemies, or to protect and heal their allies. Because of their highly supportive role in battle, it is said that the side with the most capable sorcerer wins the engagement.


Masters of secret and mysterious forces

Sorcerers harness powerful arcane forces, focusing the energy through their lens-like weapons. Blasting enemies from a great distance, sorcerers can dish out impressive damage. It is said that the side with the most capable sorcerer will take the day.

Mechanics and Skills

Sorcerers are researchers who use hidden, mystical magic to conjure dreadful, destructive powers. This class has the capability to deal high damage from a distance and support allies. Sorcerers use mystical disks to call forth magical power and are one of the strongest damage dealers.

Sorcerers are very fragile and wear light armor so they use various means to thwart their opponents in order to defend themselves. Given this, the most important protection sorcerers have are their quick judgment and allies. Sorcerers are able to unleash their spells within the blink of an eye.


Vitality Stats

  • HP: 582
  • MP: 200/200
  • MP Regen Rate: +10, Natural Recovery

Basic Stats

  • Damage: 64
  • Defense: 12
  • Movement Speed: 110
  • Critical Hit: 25

Basic Attack Inf

  • Direction: Forward
  • Range: 15M
  • Target-Type: Single Target
  • Attack Speed: 0.7
  • MP Change: -1

Resistance Stats

  • Critical Hit: 25
  • Root/Hold: 30
  • Poison/Disease: 35
  • Addiction: 20
  • Confusion: 15

Equipment Stats

  • Weapon Damage: 12
  • Armor: 10

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