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Heavily armored death dealers that sweep enemies out of the way with powerful blows.

Slayers are one of the most feared sights to see on the battlefield. Their near impenetrable suits of armor and huge weapons, like the Great Sword, cause even the hardiest of combatants to feel a moment of panic. Because of their heavy weapon, slayers are not swift and quick. However, what they lack in speed they compensate with their better sense of judgment.


Heavily-armored death dealers who sweep their enemies from the field

Slayers' heavy armor and huge great swords make them one of the most feared sights on the battlefield. The slayer's weapons are implements of overwhelming brute force rather than speed or precision.

Mechanics and Skills

The slayer is a class that wields a heavy, large sword ruthlessly. They are equipped with heavy swords and armor which makes their attacks rather slow. Their role is to deal great amounts of damage towards wounded enemies to take them out with certainty. Due to the heavy armor and swords slayers wield they move sluggishly. To compensate for this weakness, they have incredible composure and are great at making decisions. Slayers are useful for helping allies who are surrounded by enemies.


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