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TERA houses 6 different races: Aman, Baraka, Castanics, High Elves, Humans and Popori. Each race features it own culture setting them apart from each other in all possible ways imaginable. Though recently the races have banded together. Ceasing their own wars in order to focus on a common enemy which threatens them all and all of Arborea. The relatively young race, our valorous Humans, have founded the Valkion Coalition thereby uniting the other 5 races into 1 single faction.

Aman art

The Aman have historically been a savage race that has known constant war since the dawn of time. As slaves they fought as conquerors, but after freeing themselves they have learned to temper their primal instincts and now battle for peace. Today, the Aman are a noble and honorable race that upholds freedom and self sacrifice. They now use their brute strength and hardened bodies to protect themselves and their allies from any and all threats.

Baraka art

A peaceful and noble race, the Baraka are descendents of the Giants. And from their mighty ancestors they have inherited huge physiques and highly sophisticated intellects. Contrary to the Giants, who were cruel and self-righteous, the Baraka are quite the opposite. Calm and tranquil, they yearn only for knowledge.

Castanics art

Since the fall of their Demon God, the Castanics have suffered unspeakable prejudice and oppression dating far back into the Mythic Ages. As a result, they mistrust others and prefer to go at things on their own. Resourceful and hardy, they draw from their innate individual strength to see them through this Age of Chaos.

High Elves art

A thousand years ago, the Elves were at the pinnacle of their civilization. However, during the War of the Gods, the Elves’ source of power, the Stone of Eternity, was destroyed. Those who survived this disaster discarded their old traditions, denouncing the Gods and burning old alliances. Renaming themselves as the High Elves, they pushed themselves to their physical and mental limits to rebuild their once glorious civilization.

Humans art

The Humans are a valorous and strong race. Their indomitable spirit has allowed them to constantly work towards bringing peace and stability to a barren wasteland filled with strife. Today, humans are seen as civilization's best hope to restore the former glory of all of Arborea.

PoporiElin art

The Popori are not a single race, the name instead refers to all the various animal-kin that make up the Kingdom of Popori including the Elin. They are the guardians of the woodland realm, and live harmoniously with nature. The Popori have a diminutive stature and appear almost child-like. This is further amplified by their constantly cheerful and upbeat disposition.