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Armor: Cloth
Weapon: Staff
Main Role: Healing
Difficulty: Star.pngStar.pngStar.png
Divine warriors blessed by the Gods.

The priests, devout worshipers of Yurian, the God of Justice, are able to heal and protect their allies in battle. Priests rely solely on Yurian and their blessed power, rather than heavy armor and weaponry. Their unshakable faith, however, can become a downfall for they rely only on their God and power. They reject heavy armor and weaponry in return for the potent tools of their deity. As long as the divine connection remains strong, priests are resolute in battle.

Mechanics and Skills

Heals & Party Utilities:
By drawing on the power of the Gods, a priest can heal wounds, cure sickness, bring together a scattered party, and even raise the dead.

  • Burst/AoE Healing
  • Potent HoTs
  • Buffs for Attack, Run Speed, Defense, Resistance & HP Regen. When Glyphed can last 20+ min.
  • Absorption Shield (Party)
  • Arise: recovers party from knock down
  • AOE De-Curse
  • Self resurrection
  • Self Heal
  • Summon Party, Homeward Bound

Priests can call down divine fire, shock their foes with lightning bolts, and inflict plagues upon them.

Crowd Control:


Vitality Stats

Basic Stats

Basic Attack Inf

Resistance Stats

Equipment Stats

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