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Popori art

Cheerful and proud guardians of the woodlands.


The Popori are not a single race, but refers to all the various animal-kin that make up the Kingdom of Popori, including the Elin. They are the guardians of the woodland realm, and live harmoniously with nature. The Popori have a diminutive stature and appear almost child-like. This is further amplified by their constantly cheerful and upbeat disposition.

Some find poporis’ blunt communication style and quirky, mischievous behavior off-putting; others find it refreshing. But no one denies that their ferocity in battle makes them strong allies. Whether you make a popori your friend or your enemy, however, have a care: poporis are not afraid to stick their noses into your face—nor are they ashamed to stick them into your business.

The History of the Popori[]

Popori is actually a general term for various intelligent races with different animal-like features that live in the Popori Kingdom. They are composed of the upper class matriarchal leaders, Elin, as well as well as the Porian, Merunim, Uru and Perunim common class races with their distinctive animal-like looks.

For several thousands of years the Popori have lived by the Lake of the Moon peacefully, developing a strong love for the harmony and the spontaneity of nature. They are known in Arborea as the most peaceful and stable lineage in existence. They became the first race to join the Valkyon Federation after a proposal from the Humans.

Often overlooked as a potential formidable enemy by the other races, the Popori have proudly sworn that they won't lose to their opponents, regardless of their small stature. Despite their looks, Popori are actually quite strong and very self-confident.


The Popori are a group of animal like races living in the Popori Kingdom. The female part the Popori consist of the Elin. Small young-like woman who form the matriarchal part of their race. They feature animal ears and tails of various species. The male population is composed of the Porian, Merunim, Uru and Perunim. As with the female they have a small stature and can best be described as humanoid and civilized animals. As the Popori aren't just one race the appearance may differ greatly. This applies to differences between sexes but across one either sex too. Even though cute and cuddly the Popori are not to be underestimated as they are capable masters of both magic and melee.


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