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Icon Name Level GP Cost Skill Affected Description
StandFast.jpg Glyph of the Pump 25 4 Stand Fast Increases strength by 20% for 5 seconds.
StandFast.jpg Glyph of Polish 25 6 Stand Fast Reflects 20% of damage received.
ComboAttack.jpg Glyph of Threat 25 4 Combo Attack Provides 5% additional aggro.
ChallengingShout.jpg Glyph of Threat 25 6 Challenging Shout Provides 10% additional aggro.
ChallengingShout.jpg Glyph of Energy 25 6 Challenging Shout Decreases cooldown by 60.
ShieldBash.jpg Glyph of the Resounding 25 5 Shield Bash Increases effect duration by 50%.
GuardianShout.jpg Glyph of Grounding 25 5 Guardian Shout Increases endurance by 200.
Retaliate.jpg Glyph of Power 25 3 Retaliate Increases power by 25%.
ShieldBarrage.jpg Glyph of Brilliance 25 4 Shield Wallop [1] Decreases MP consumption by 19.
ComboAttack.jpg Glyph of Spirit 25 4 Combo Attack Increases MP regeneration by 20%.
ShieldBash.jpg Glyph of Energy 25 4 Shield Bash Decreases cooldown by 25%.
ChargingLunge.jpg Glyph of Power 25 6 Charging Lunge Increases power by 25%.
SecondWind.jpg Glyph of Energy 25 6 Second Wind Decreases Cooldown by 25%.
SpringAttack.jpg Glyph of Brilliance 25 4 Spring Attack Decreases MP consumption by 75.
Retaliate.jpg Glyph of Energy 25 4 Retaliate Decreases cooldown by 20%.
MenacingWave.jpg Glyph of Brilliance 32 4 Menacing Wave Decreases MP consumption by 60.
StandFast.jpg Glyph of Influence 26 2 Stand Fast Reduces MP cost by 50% for the next chain skill: Shield Counter.
Leash.jpg Glyph of Energy 26 5 Leash Decreases cooldown by 20%.
Debilitate.jpg Glyph of Impulsion 28 4 Debilitate 35% chance to eliminate MP cost.
Onslaught.jpg Glyph of Power 32 5 Onslaught Increases power by 25%.
IronWill.jpg Glyph of Lingering 36 5 Iron Will Increases effect duration by 50%.
Master'sLeash.jpg Glyph of Impulsion 42 3 Master's Leash 30% chance to eliminate MP cost.
LockdownBlow.jpg Glyph of Power 42 3 Lockdown Blow Increases power by 20%.
Infuriate.jpg Glyph of Numbing 50 6 Infuriate Opponent's speed is decreased by 50% for 5 seconds.
Infuriate.jpg Glyph of Energy 50 6 Infuriate Decreases cooldown by 20%.
  1. Judging by the icon, this is a mistranslation and the correct skill affected is Shield Barrage.
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