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High Elves art
High Elves

Arrogant and powerful firebrands of civilization.


A thousand years ago, the Elves were at the pinnacle of their civilization. However, during the War of the Gods, the Elves’ source of power, the Stone of Eternity, was destroyed. Those who survived this disaster discarded their old traditions, denouncing the Gods and burning old alliances. Renaming themselves as the High Elves, they pushed themselves to their physical and mental limits to rebuild their once glorious civilization.

Faith in others is nothing without faith in one's self

New to the federation, High Elves are eager to prove themselves as trustworthy allies. No one questions their skills, but some question their hearts. Highly opinionated, the Elves work to overcome their own xenophobia, acquired from their religion, and from the aftermath of an all-too-recent war.

History of the High Elves[]

A thousand years ago the Elves had built up a peaceful and prosperous civilization, until they found themselves losing the Flower of Life that their culture revolved around. The aggression of other races and the War of the Gods led to the demise of their beloved artifact.

This forced them to watch the slow collapse of the civilization they had cultivated for so many years. The elves who sacrificed all of their existing values and traditions in order to gain superior power during this time became the High Elves.

Currently, the High Elves have abandoned their ancestors and the gods that led to their previous civilization's end. They now only trust in their own physiques and mentality.

Some two centuries past, the High Elves completed an arduous migration to the continent of Shara. By exceeding their limits a new destiny unfolded and at its peak the High Elves constructed their huge capital of Allemantheia. There, they started the Magic Institution Core and are now renowned for their superior magical ability and advanced culture.

During this time of societal upheaval, the High Elves were involved in several military campaigns, most notably against the Nagas in the jungle of southern Shara during the years -5 VC to 75 VC. These "Liberation Campaigns" were highly successful, despite the supposed superiority of the Nagas' ability to conduct jungle warfare.

Shortly after their victory against the Nagas, the High Elven "Grand Spire Army" sought to conquer the areas of northern Shara in 176 VC.

"This was the high-water mark for High Elf military ambition, and it took a five-nation alliance to defeat them. And their fall was steep; after losing at Essenia, the High Elves would spend nearly six decades in civil war before emerging as a more tolerant nation."
~ Jhairmu, Tyro, Fourth Class

An account by Jhairmu suggests that this military expedition ultimately led to the decline of the pre-Reconciliation High Elves. However, this source also attests to the relative power of the High Elven army, due, according to some, to the prevalence of dueling in High Elven society.

However, this practice has slowly faded since the end of their civil war. A more complete account of High Elven military practice is recorded in Jhairmu's work, Promotion by Duel in High Elf Officer Corps.


The High Elves are a very "beautiful" race. Both males and females are tall in height and have lean but fit bodies. They possess pointed ears and usually sport pale skin colors. Their manner of dress and and tendency to enhance their looks is done in a beautiful and slick way. Hairstyles are very modern; their jewelry is likewise. In addition, all their body language is very sophisticated and neat. Which leads the High Elves to appear very calm and serene. It should be noted that culture has made them a little vain and cocky, though they would never let any of their Valkion allies down.


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