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Energy stars.png Energy Stars
MP Cost: 750
Cast Time: 1s

Cool Down: 30s
This is a lock-on skilland is the only priest skill that can be used while moving.
If the monster has received damage from the skill, all party members within 18m range of
the monster will receive a special buff for 15 seconds: +X Strength, 5% Increased Attack Speed.

Spell Level Level Cost Skill Power
I 40 3Gold.png 61Silver.png 29Copper.png 12
II 48 11Gold.png 2Silver.png 98Copper.png 13
III 56 31Gold.png 23Silver.png 81Copper.png 15


Name Level Points Cost Effect
Glyphenergystars.png Glyph of Lingering 40 5 10Gold.png 32Silver.png 27Copper.png Increases effect duration by 25%.
Glyphenergystars.png Glyph of Energy 40 5 10Gold.png 32Silver.png 27Copper.png Decreases cooldown by 20%.