Daban the Liberator

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Daban the Liberator was an Amani warrior who sacrificed himself to gain the attention of the gods, in order to free his people from the control of the Giants. The patron deity Kaia heard his plea, and lifted the seal of subjugation. The Amani honor him to this day, having built many statues and monuments in his likeness.

Complete Lore

After succumbing to the ancient Giant race, the Giants branded the Amani with a seal of subjugation that enabled their enslavement. Due to this seal, the Giants were able to control the Amani and sent many to fight and die in their wars over the course of many hundreds of years.

Amidst such adversity and misery rose one Aman warrior, enraged by the endless brutality suffered by his people at the hands of the Giants, named Daban. Daban traveled to the Altar of the Deities and set himself on fire in an extreme plea for an end to the terrible subjugation of the Amani.

The pain and cries of this young Aman warrior moved the patron deity Kaia. With the help of Castanic master craftsmen, Kaia succeeded in nullifying the seal of subjugation. Liberated from the shackles of the seal, the Amani revolted against the Giants, finally winning their freedom after a long and hard fought campaign.

Daban, the young warrior who served as the key to opening the door to the freedom of the Amani, was thereafter revered as the Liberator, and statues commemorating him can easily be found throughout territories inhabited by the Amani.