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The archers are highly skilled marksmen able to thin the ranks of their enemies in battle. Firing volley after volley with deadly accuracy, a single archer can cause panic and discord in a battle. Although the archer's defense is weaker than others, the enemies that try to close in on them will find that the archers are highly mobile and rarely stationary.


Berserkers will charge into any fight swinging their mighty axes and to their enemies, the attacks appear to be uncoordinated wild swings driven by fury. However, their attacks are actually precise and focused. Their range of attack is extremely narrow, which requires extreme precision. The attack patterns are so unpredictable, foes will find that defending against the berserker's attacks are almost impossible.


The lancers are trained to wield the shield as an extension of their own body. Because of the shield, lancers are mostly known for their defensive capabilities, not only protecting themselves but also others around them. The lancers are considerably slower than other classes due the sheer weight and size of the shield. Therefore, lancers learn to wield a spear along with their shield.


Mystics call upon the raw power of the world to help allies and hinder enemies. In addition to magical attacks and healing, mystics can drain a foes' very essence, using it to replenish that of their allies.


The priests, devout worshippers of Yurian, the God of Justice, are able to heal and protect their allies in battle. Priests rely solely on Yurian and their blessed power, rather than heavy armor and weaponry. Their unshakeable faith however, can become a downfall for they rely only on their God and power.


Slayers are one of the most feared sights to see on the battlefield. Their near impenetrable suits of armor and huge weapons, like the Great Sword, cause even the hardiest of combatants to feel a moment of panic. Because of their heavy weapon, slayers are not swift and quick. However, what they lack in speed they compensate with their better sense of judgment.


The sorcerers dedicate their lives to research and discovering ways to harness the mysterious forces of the world. They are able to call forth powerful spells using mystical disks to deal damage to their enemies, or to protect and heal their allies. Because of their highly supportive role in battle, it is said that the side with the most capable sorcerer wins the engagement.


The warriors rely on their guile and lightning fast speed in combat. Because of their grace and agility, they can wield a weapon in each hand to attack or defend in perfect coordination. Though their weapons are light-weight, warriors strike continuously with speed and precision.