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"Rampaging disruptors of the battlefield."

Berserkers will charge into any fight swinging their mighty axes and to their enemies, the attacks appear to be uncoordinated wild swings driven by fury. However, their attacks are actually precise and focused. Their range of attack is extremely narrow, which requires extreme precision. The attack patterns are so unpredictable, foes will find that defending against the berserker's attacks are almost impossible.


Rampaging marauders of the battlefield

Berserker's attacks may appear to be wild and driven by fury, but the swing of a berserker's axe is more focused then it appears. A berserker's potent attacks are difficult for foes to predict and defend against.

Mechanics and Skills

Beserkers are destroyers that carry large axes on to the battlefield. They use the anger they have pent up inside of them to deliver explosive bursts of damage to their opponents. The Berserkers' axes have a small range and very slow attack speed, so it takes high concentration and a lot of caution to carry out their role.


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