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Icon Name Level Description
Normal Shot I 1 The first skill an Archer is given to master, it is defaulted to the left-click button. What's unique about this skill is that unlike every other class, the Archer is free to hold down their mouse button to continuously fire upon their enemy.
MultiShot Mutli-Shot I 2 A skill utilizing the Lock-On system, by aligning your crosshair with an enemy you can select it. When you use the skill again it will automatically fire arrows in the directions of the selected targets.
Focused Shot I 6 The Archer simply holds down the button for however long they wish to charge the skill. Once the button is released, the Archer will fire the skill. The longer the skill is charged, the more damage it does!
Penetrating Shot I 12 Works similar to Focused Shot - you charge up the skill for a higher damage output - but instead of hitting only one target, this will hit multiple targets. Does less damage to one target than Focused Shot.
Soaring Attack 14 When in the knocked down state, this skill becomes enabled, and you may quickly do a 360 degree spin attack, which has a high chance to knock down or knock back anything it hits.
Backstep 18 The skill allows you to jump back about 5 meters, avoiding attacks, dodging, or just putting more vital distance between you and your foe.
PoisonousTrap Toxic Trap I 22 Places a lethal Poisonous Trap on the ground. Enemies that step on the trap will lose HP gradually for an amount of time.
SpiderwebTrap Cobweb Trap I 24 Places a clever Spiderweb Trap on the ground. Enemies that step on the trap will have their movements speed temporarily lowered.
SpeedShot Chain of Shot I 26 If you hold down the Speed Shot key you will fire arrows at a faster rate then with the basic attack.
ArchersSign Mark of Sagittarius I 30 When aiming at an enemy you can place a temporary Sign on it. Enemy targets marked with the Sign will receive 15% more damage from the Archer.
StunTrap Blackout Trap 32 Place a Stun Trap on the ground. Enemies that step on the trap will stun temporarily
Feign Corpse I 36 Deceives enemies by pretending death, resetting all aggro level against caster. Feign corpse can be maintained as long as 1 minute.
Arrow Shower Teach any opponents foolish enough to stand in your way their last lesson with this lethal spread of missiles. The longer you aim, the more powerful your attack becomes.
Rainofarrows Rain of Arrows This skill rains dozens of arrows down on a large area in front of the player. It takes some time to cast, but it’s worth the wait as Rain of Arrows can damage multiple enemies multiple times.


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