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"Swift marksmen who excel at taking down foes from a distance."

The archers are highly skilled marksmen able to thin the ranks of their enemies in battle. Firing volley after volley with deadly accuracy, a single archer can cause panic and discord in a battle. Although the archer's defense is weaker than others, the enemies that try to close in on them will find that the archers are highly mobile and rarely stationary.


Swift sharpshooters who strike from a distance

Archers can thin the ranks of an enemy army, firing volley after volley with deadly accuracy. They are not well-armored, but a foe who engages an archer in melee combat soon learns just how mobile and elusive they can be.

Mechanics and Skills

Archers are swift hunters who rely on precision. This class is equipped with large bows, fast speed and the ability to continuously fire arrows from a long distance. They have excellent maneuverability, deal large amounts of damage and fluster their enemies by incessantly firing barrages of arrows towards them. Since Archers have sacrificed heavy armor in favor of swift maneuverability, keeping their distance from enemies is of utmost importance.


Vitality Stats

Basic Stats

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